Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cool Airline Price!

If you haven't heard of Spirit Airlines, hear me now! I love Spirit Airlines!
I go back and forth from Las Vegas to Los Angeles often and I hate to sit in the car for 4 1/2 hours. So if you want to get away from Vegas for the weekend here is the best priced airline that kicks some @$$!

So my flight leaves at 8pm, I get to the McCarran airport by 6pm or a little bit later and check in (btw it's the first departure airline at this airport), I only have a backpack with few clothes and my toiletries for overnight or 2 night stay max. I got about a little more than an 1hour to kill before my boarding time. I should have went a little bit more later than 6pm. But it's Friday night leaving Vegas so not many people are leaving, they are coming in. FYI, when leaving on weekends you have a bit more of a leeway as to 2hr prior to your boarding time. So you have some extra time at the casinos.

Anyhoos, the flight leaves at 8pm and BAM! I'm already at LAX in 45min!

So the total hours I spent starting from the McCarran airport to LAX was about 3 hours. Which was great because I had an extra hour (if I got there a little bit later it could've been around 2 1/2 hours total), I didn't have to drive, and it was cozy!

Spirit airline is not quite the most prestigious airline compared to others, but for the cost and efficiency I'm an Spirit fanatic! I paid a total of $19 and some cents for one way. Now, I have to consider the cost of taxi to the airport in Vegas and a taxi from LAX to my destination and it still costs me less money than a full tank of gas going to Los Angeles.

Spirit airlines implement other fees, such as carry-ons, larger bags, and many other fees to supplement their income. You have to read the fine prints before you book and you can save a great amount of additional fees. But I still love Spirit if I can fit all my clothes, toiletries, and extra undies for 2 days. Their other fees are still considerably less than other carriers if you book enough in advance you can get a deal you can't resist!

I think service is the same when it comes to flight attendants being nice and all, so why pay more when you can save more for your pocket? I get to my destination the same way, which is to fly! Unlike their competitors, Southwest and JetBlue, I love Spirit airlines. I don't know how many more times I have to repeat this to myself, but I think this airline deserves better comments than what I saw some of other comments made in other sites. I'm sure they didn't read the fine prints before they booked online and thought they were getting ripped off.
Well, I'm glad I read my fine print and I didn't pay anything more than what I booked online and paid. So to all the Spirit airline haters, learn to read before booking it online. They do change their policies time to time and so does every other carriers.

My final say is this, "If it's cheap, there is a reason for being so cheap. Then read the fine prints and understand how you can benefit from those offers". And that can save you at least $70 to $150 if it's a short travel.

Go Spirit!


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