Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cool Airline Price!

If you haven't heard of Spirit Airlines, hear me now! I love Spirit Airlines!
I go back and forth from Las Vegas to Los Angeles often and I hate to sit in the car for 4 1/2 hours. So if you want to get away from Vegas for the weekend here is the best priced airline that kicks some @$$!

So my flight leaves at 8pm, I get to the McCarran airport by 6pm or a little bit later and check in (btw it's the first departure airline at this airport), I only have a backpack with few clothes and my toiletries for overnight or 2 night stay max. I got about a little more than an 1hour to kill before my boarding time. I should have went a little bit more later than 6pm. But it's Friday night leaving Vegas so not many people are leaving, they are coming in. FYI, when leaving on weekends you have a bit more of a leeway as to 2hr prior to your boarding time. So you have some extra time at the casinos.

Anyhoos, the flight leaves at 8pm and BAM! I'm already at LAX in 45min!

So the total hours I spent starting from the McCarran airport to LAX was about 3 hours. Which was great because I had an extra hour (if I got there a little bit later it could've been around 2 1/2 hours total), I didn't have to drive, and it was cozy!

Spirit airline is not quite the most prestigious airline compared to others, but for the cost and efficiency I'm an Spirit fanatic! I paid a total of $19 and some cents for one way. Now, I have to consider the cost of taxi to the airport in Vegas and a taxi from LAX to my destination and it still costs me less money than a full tank of gas going to Los Angeles.

Spirit airlines implement other fees, such as carry-ons, larger bags, and many other fees to supplement their income. You have to read the fine prints before you book and you can save a great amount of additional fees. But I still love Spirit if I can fit all my clothes, toiletries, and extra undies for 2 days. Their other fees are still considerably less than other carriers if you book enough in advance you can get a deal you can't resist!

I think service is the same when it comes to flight attendants being nice and all, so why pay more when you can save more for your pocket? I get to my destination the same way, which is to fly! Unlike their competitors, Southwest and JetBlue, I love Spirit airlines. I don't know how many more times I have to repeat this to myself, but I think this airline deserves better comments than what I saw some of other comments made in other sites. I'm sure they didn't read the fine prints before they booked online and thought they were getting ripped off.
Well, I'm glad I read my fine print and I didn't pay anything more than what I booked online and paid. So to all the Spirit airline haters, learn to read before booking it online. They do change their policies time to time and so does every other carriers.

My final say is this, "If it's cheap, there is a reason for being so cheap. Then read the fine prints and understand how you can benefit from those offers". And that can save you at least $70 to $150 if it's a short travel.

Go Spirit!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hottest Night Club in Vegas Now

Here you have it! The hottest night club in Vegas right now!

If you want to get hooked up with the hosts at this club, go to my FaceBook page and you will see everyone from JR. Hosts, VIP Hosts, and Third Party Hosts.
Usually the third party hosts will charge a nominal fee for jumping to the front of the line. So if you want to save some money and wait, contact any of the actual club hosts to guide you in. That way you won't have to pay that additional cost.

But if you would prefer to get ahead of everyone, by all means you can contact me and I'll see what I can do you for you!

If you did find a host you like on my FaceBook page. Please let them know you found them through me, Danny Kim from LV Concierge referred you! I would also love to hear your comments on all the club hosts you've experienced so that other readers have an idea as well.

Thank you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something besides Vegas

Well, I decided to post something different off topic on this new post because I know we all use craigslist for our daily ritual for something we need. As I am trying to get my blog to get more traffic, I came across a site called, "". And I think this site is great if you like to publish, sell, advertise, and do what craigslist does without too much restrictions. Ever since CL was under fire for listing, "Personal" under services was considered online prostitution their service terms and policy changed so much it's just so annoying to post 1 item and get banned for nothing!

I'm not saying I won't use CL ever again but I want to promote as an alternative to CL
So here it is folks! I'd like to share my cup of tea with you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sports Betting Tips

How to Win at Sports Betting

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

How’s your season going? Making the big bucks? Or do you need some sound sports betting advice so you can finally start seeing profits and stop making the bookies rich. If it’s the latter, read on…or Click Here!


  1. Know your math. The line-makers do, and they make profits every season. You aren’t going to come out ahead laying -110 for 100 on a coin flip, and most sporting events are just that. In places where they don't represent likelihoods in terms of odds (eg 5 to 1, meaning you can win $5 for every dollar you put in), they will just do it in terms of money multipliers. It essentially means the same thing.
  2. Know your sport. This is MUCH less important than step number 1, but it helps. The thing to concentrate on is the "X-factor" of a sport; that is, what degree of random craziness is likely to affect the outcome of any given game.
  3. Handicap the situation, not the game. This is what separates winners from losers. The public is out there betting on the best-looking teams and who should beat who based on past wins and losses – and they are losers. Look for undervalued teams based on the situation. For example, a good team playing their homecoming game against a hated rival who is a favorite over them on the road. In this spot you want the home team underdog because you know they are coming to play.
  4. Bet within your bankroll. This is what kills most players. Always bet the same percentage of your set playing bankroll on every game (somewhere between 2% and 6%) no matter how much you think you like the bet.


  • Remember that injuries and weather conditions have already been factored into the line and the odds. Don’t pay attention to that stuff; stick with handicapping the situation. Yet, if you are betting on a minor sport in your country (eg. You are in USA betting on Australian Rules Football), the impact of a major trade may be very important to both team, but since Americans may not know the full situations, the lines can be stuffed up.
  • If the lines are just pushed out, the odds of $1.87 do exist. Take advantage of them if you know the potential of how the balance will tip (I.e. You know what will become more likely to occur) later in the day. Take that line.
  • The public loves favorites and they are losers. Therefore, bet mostly underdogs.
  • There are contrasting theories about betting on multiple events. If you are going by the expected winnings approach (i.e. you want to win $100), you can either put the bare minimum ($5 in New Zealand TAB), then stack the 8-lines with 8 different head-to-heads so the odds would be $20.00. You lose less money, but since you have to worry about 8 events, if one event is not as you guessed (or if you have an event being cancelled), you lose the $5.
  • On the other end, you can push more money in if you have enough money to push (like $20), then you can just stack less lines that add up to an odds of $5 to get $100. You will lose more money if one event doesn't come your way, but if you are betting events happening throughout the weekend (eg. NFL with NBA), this is a safer call.
  • You can also use multiple single slips and adding money. You can never win more money than if all was pushed in a multi-slip, but it safeguards you if one line is screwed, you can still win money on the ones you hit.
  • In New Zealand, due to time zone differences, it is possible to do a rolling bet if you are somewhat cash-strapped. The way it works is that if there is an NBA playoff game that closes at 12:35pm (NZT), and you know that the result will come at around 4pm,do a points-total bet, then if you win that, take some of the winnings home, then continue with the later games like a Rugby League match that happens at night. This kind of betting would work even better for weekend bets.


  • Addictive gambling is a serious problem! If you have this problem you need to stop all forms of gambling.
  • Only bet on sports if it is legal where you live and never use an illegal bookie.
  • Beware of long streaks. The odds for the winning team will continue to drop towards $1, but the day when the streak snaps, it could spell trouble. For example: When Houston was winning 22 games in a row and going for 23, the odds are tipping towards $1.00 on head-to head. But then when the streak was snapped... That is when the combined scores, head-starts and even really obscure side-bets like "Who will score the most points" could be a possible option.
  • Never be too confident if you can string together a winning streak (in terms of money). Massive upsets always happen.
  • Try not to do a multi on uncertain events. By that I mean games that are affected by weather (eg. tennis, cricket). If the match is abandoned or postponed, you can get a full refund when a single slip is done, but not if you have lost a line, got everything else. You may get money for the lines you have won thus far if all the rest are good calls, and refund the line that is abandoned, but check carefully. One great example is Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. That match was postponed due to Hurricane Ike, and postponed to November.
  • Strangely, relocated teams do well in alternative home games, too. New Orleans Hornets did well in Oklahoma City, though the same cannot be said for New Orleans Saints. Tread with caution if Houston Texans are playing home games elsewhere in 2008.
  • Watching the games you have made a call on can be very stressful, especially when a game is long, or when you are wanting comeback wins or comeback losses.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas for $40 bucks!

Lost all your money?
If you have that last $40 to spend to go home, here it is!
I found a great way to go to LA round trip for $70 and oneway for $40. It's convenient and comfortable than a Greyhound.
Why you ask?
First, you don't have to go downtown to board. There are several different locations for pick up and drop offs. Planet Hollywood, Harrah's, Koreatown (Spring Mountain & Rainbow), and N. Las Vegas. And you get dropped off in CA at the following locations: Diamond Bar, Irvine, and Koreatown.
So if you are located near these areas you can just book it and board.
Second, it seems a lot faster than the Greyhound bus. I remember taking the Greyhound one time and it took almost 8 hours. With the it took only 6 hours to get to LA.
And if you are planning to go one way, it's only $40 bucks. That's if you are leaving Las Vegas for good. So here's a way to travel on a budget if you need to get out of Vegas.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Find the best hotel rates

The most important thing to do before you come to Vegas is to find the best hotel deal.

It might be very confusing when you have so many options when it comes to choosing the right hotel.

So ask yourself what part of the town do you want to stay in.

Downtown Las Vegas or the Strip?

Downtown hotels usually have better hotel rate deals than the newer hotels on the strip.
The older hotels usually have better prices, but not so fancy as the newer ones. Since most of the time you won't be staying in your room, my suggestion is that you should save some on the hotel money and use the rest of the money to do something else.

The newer hotels are usually more expensive than the older ones and you will see the brighter side of Vegas. The action is mostly at the newest hotel on the strip and right now it seems that Cosmopolitan is the hottest spot to be in.

Here's a little inside tip for the budget conscious travelers.

Book hotels on the weekdays and during summer for Vegas. I have found that most of the new hotels or hotels on the strip are priced pretty good during this season. From January to May is the most busiest days for Vegas due to conventions and meetings, you might want to avoid those days. That's when the room rates skyrocket to prices you can't imagine. Way over priced in my book.

Bottom line, if you avoid booking hotels from January to May you might save some extra money to do more activities in Vegas.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long lines at the clubs?

On the typical Friday and Saturday, you can find yourself in the waiting line forever if you and bunch of your friends are guys.

So what do you in this case?

1. Wait in the line until you get in.
2. Get a table reservation.
3. Find another club.

You can make your decision before hand so you can save that time standing in line.

If you would like to be on the guest list, please visit our guest list page here.

The infamous yard drinks

I just can't believe how much Vegas charges for those tall yard drinks! Living in Vegas and I didn't even know how much those things cost. Well, if you really want to know here is what some of the people I've talked to told me.

For a margarita it's about $45 bucks! And they seemed pretty happy about it when they got finished drinking half way. Just looking at it already made me drunk!

So is it worth it? For most people, that's why they come here for. Spend $45 buck to get wasted like crazy and that is their Vegas vacation.

They might not go back as winners, but they sure did make their Vegas experience worth it by chugging down a yard of margarita, long island, or whatever your preference would be.

So when you come to Vegas next time around, make sure to look for those people with the yard drinks, if it looks half empty they are pretty much wasted. They are fun to be around, too.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What's HOT in Vegas right now?

The freaking weather is HOT!!! That means pool parties are on and the shirts go off!
So what's the big deal about these pool parties?
First and foremost, imagine a massive crowd just dancing away from the night before hung over and just trying to keep up with your friends.

You can't miss out the the pool parties in Vegas for sure! It's worth every shot you buy for your friends!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If you haven't heard.....

Las Vegas is the leading entertainment capital in the world!
There is no other place like Vegas, offering you endless entertainment of the best nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, and more!

So, what is there to do in Vegas, you ask?

Well, we now have more activities you can imagine aside from gambling. So here we have compiled our top sources in a simple search already done for you.
Go ahead and browse our blog and you can find something of an interest for your next Vegas trip.

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